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I like the Tioga I have for my 8 wt., but I like the Lamson Velocities I have for my 6 and 10 wts. better. As I think someone else said, if you want to go for the large arbor Tioga, you need to buy a reel for a higher line weight because the large arbor 8 wt. reel from Tioga really does not have adequate backing capacity. The Lamson Velocity is about $100 more than the Tioga in the comparable line weight, but I think the quality is at least $100 better and has more than adequate backing capacity. I coveted the Lamson Litespeed for both my 6 and 10 wts., but could not bring myself to pay the extra dough for a reel that has the exact same drag as the Velocity and weighs literally only a 10th or 2 of an ounce less. In other words, the Velocity is basically the same reel as the Litespeed but doesn't look as cool (and the name "Litespeed" should not be construed to mean "lighter" in weight). Price doesn't always equate to quality, but spend as much money as you can afford to buy as good a reel as you can when you're getting a set up for chasing larger fish.
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