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I'd be all over the Tioga. Machined, great drag, affordable, and durable. If you fall down, and you eventually will if you steelhead fish much on rivers, it won't bend as easily as a cast reel. And, if you have a woody for a large arbor reel, get the Tioga 10 in the large arbor. Otherwise, the Tioga 8 in a standard spool format would suffice. The large arbor would really cut down on backing capacity.

The Okuma is a good value if a person doesn't fish much. It is cast, and the finish and metal is soft and very susceptible to scratching. The drag works pretty well, but the roller bearings have been known to fail. Been there, done that. I'm not saying it's an OK reel; it's just not built for the long haul or for durability, but with a mind towards economy. A little along the lines of "you get what you pay for."

That Tioga is a waaaay better value. To quote Hans and Franz of Saturday night live, "Listen to me now and believe me later." :THUMBSUP

Oh, if you're trying to figure out a line, check out the Rio or the Airflo multi-tip systems. Although the fly lines are expensive initially, they really can save you money and offer a lot of versatility. With each one you get four different tips: floating, intermediate, 3" per second sink, and 7" per second sink. So, in essence you have 4 different lines. And, unlike if you had four different lines, you don't have to buy extra spools, backing for them, etc. They really are a way to go. I have three of them, in 5 weight, 7 weight, and 9 weight. My buddy has a similar system for warm saltwater (tuna, dorado, etc.) for 10 weight to 12 weight, and thinks its the cat's meow.
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