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The taylor is trib of the MF snoqualmie. The little fish were probably average size fish for that stretch of river. They could someday grow up to be 10inchers though :) As for the bigger ones, you just have to keep looking. Also give some streamers a shot. Black woolly buggers will also work well on the snoqualmie forks and tribs. On something as small as the taylor, the bigger fish are likely going to be found in the deeper runs and pools. And if the spot you are fishing is easy to get to or close to the camp sites, then the chances of finding many bigger fish are really slim. If you read my post where I mentioned 'picking pockets' - well, the taylor has some nice stretches where you can apply that dropper technique and find lot of fish hiding in that pocket water / boulder fields.

As for releasing then, forcepts or evel small needle nose pliers work great. Bob gave some great advice. Barbless hooks are not only required up there, but also make releaseing hooks from fish, fingers, and clothing much easier. No matter what too you have, try to keep the fish in the water as much as you can. Don't squeeze. The key is to get a grip on the bend of the hook. Then a gentle twisting motion that backs out the hook is all that is needed. If the hook is taken deep, this is much harder and forcepts really help out. It takes a little practice, but the quicker you can do this the better. A lot of new guys clamp on the hook, but it takes several seconds for them to get the hook out. If the fish starts thrashing - and they will... - you can cause some serious damage if you have a death grip on the hook and the fish rips the wound wide open. This may sound silly, but you could practice with something - maybe and banana. Insert fly hook, use tool to grab bend, twist your wrist so the hook is back out quickly. Should be able to do it in a split second without even touching the banana or whatever...
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