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Report MF Snoqualmie

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Headed out to the MF last night with a buddy. We brought in several hand-length cutts on typical dry flies - EHC, humpy, stimulator, etc. My buddy tried a few nymphs with no luck. I found a couple of tiny rainbows on EHC at the bottom of a riffle.

While heading up one of the trails along the river, we found a campsite where somebody nicely enough left a stack of firewood for the next campers. Of course, they also left a firepit full of garbage and the Sunday paper ads to be used as a fire starter were spread over approximately a half acre. We sort of sucked it up and spent a couple of minutes picking up paper. I love cleaning up after other adults. :beathead:

Pretty typical trip up the MF, but weather was great, and it was nice to be out. Besides, if you come up empty on fish, you can sort of make up for it with salmonberries.

Forgot the camera, though. Bummer - good light on Mt. Garfield.
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Don't know abut the MF but the SF just slid below 300!!
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