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Rod weights and line weights are a system so that the line matches the rod. A 2 or 3 weight rod is for catching little fish, a 4-6 is for trout, 7-9 are for big trout, salmon, steelhead and the like, 10 and up are for really big salmon to giant tuna, swordfish and the like.

In the northwest we typically fish 5-9 weight rods. The weight of the rod actually refers to the weight of the first 30' of the fly line in grains. See http://www.flyfishingforum.com/expertise/knowledge/lineratings.htm.

The rod's action is designed to be able to cast a fly line of that weight. The action of the rod is said to be the action of the rod in the process of casting the line. A slow rod flexes from tip to butt, a fast rod flexes mostly in its tip. Most people now like to fish rods that are medium-fast to fast.

Lines are refered to in a code: WF8F means a Weight Forward 8 weight line that Floats.

The weight forward means that the line has most of its weight in the front part of the line so that it can cast distance well. Most people cast weight forward lines. There are others: double taper, shooting taper and level, but I won't discuss them here.

Lines can float on the surface of the water, and sink at various rates. A floating line is designated as an F. A line that is very close to neutrally buoyant and sinks slowly is called an Intermediate, I. Sinking lines are catagorized by speed of descent from 1 to 7. 7 sinks like a rock, 1 sinks slowly. So a full sinking line would be designated WF6S3 to designate a weight forward, 6 weight, type 3 sinking line, a good line for lake fishing.

Now then, we have sinking lines bonded to floating lines, these are called sink tip, sink head, or shooting head lines. They are very popular for fishing in rivers. These lines have 15 to 30 feet of sinking line bonded to a rear portion of floating line. The sinking part is given a sink rate like a full sinking line. F/S is usually the designation for a floating/sinking line: WF8F/S 13 foot sink tip, Type 4 is a very popular line for fishing for steelhead and salmon.

For more information than this, check your local fly shop out. And most good beginners books will do a better job than I have on these and more topics.


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