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Rey's VDS Hopper SBS

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hook -Dai Riki 300 #10
thread - UTC 140. Tan
butt - Parapost yarn hot orange
abdomen - deer hair
underwing - Congo Hair white
wing - deer hair
thorax - dubbing hare's ear
head - 1 mm foam tan
legs - medium rubber corn snake
indicator - 1mm foam orange

mash barb, start thread at barb; tie in a hank of orange yarn

clean, trim tips from a clump of deer hair; 2 soft loops, pull tight/spin, half hitch, pack

lather, rinse, repeat to 3/4 mark, tie off/ trim thread

invert, lay razor blade on hook eye and push straight back

rough cut

final cut; trim butt (gap width)

re-start thread, tie in foam strip (1/2 gap width)

tie in CH; trim even with butt

clean, stack, measure ( tips a bit past underwing) a clump of deer hair; trim butts/ tie in

dub thread, dub thorax

pull foam back, tie down

tie in legs

tie in indicator, half hitch x2, SHHAN

trim foam, legs

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