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Sorry I missed the group on Saturday. I didn't make it to the 'ford until Sunday afternoon. I don't suppose it was any of you who pulled up next to the handicap fishing dock in a lowered red pickup and cranked up the young country? Nice stereo.

Fishing was tough for me as well. Snapped off a good one near the dock Sunday just before dark on a little black leech. Pulling in to the third lot on Monday morning we saw two groups that toughed out the night in the parking lots. Two guys even went w/out a tent. Just sleeping bags on cots. That's rugged. Fished below the lower bridge and brought in two, both around 18". One on a #18 Copper John and one on a #14 olive scud. Saw one other fish landed. Clear and cold with a steady SE breeze.

I won't miss the next outing!

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