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Down comes the rain...out comes the soap box! It seems like we are going backwards in a hurry. In the year 2001 and in the prime area of the beautiful PacNorWest you think we would see big returns of fish, instead of minimal at best. River openers, instead of river closures. The oldest fly fishing only water in the USA and the hatchery along with it...
I grew up on the Klamath River in Northern California. At one time this dam fed river ran full of steelhead. In 1999 Irongate Dam did not recieve the 120 fish (60 pair) to produce the 35,000 smolts they wanted to release, and sadly in 2000 there were Zero (0), returning steelhead. Irongate is not releasing enough water to sustain a run, and reportedly, the steelhead that were left, have become resident trout. Dennis Dickson, or somebody like that may be able to call "bs" or take this further, but I don't think it takes someone like that to read the handwriting on the wall.
I, now being a selfproclaimed Washingtonian, and many others,(I am sure) don't like what is going on in our own state. Is there any thing one can do, write, say to make sure that what has happened to the Klamath, and other mismanagement failures, does not happen to us? I believe "yes", but acting tomorrow is too late. ---glen
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