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Hello guys. Was wondering if there are ANY rivers out there that do not have the Gear-Chucker for the winter run Steelhead? Couple weeks ago I did not mind the GC guys that were around me, I caught 2 and hooked 1. But the last week at the Cowlitz was ridiculous!!! I have roughly 50yds to myself and only get 2 hookups and 75 yds from me they are 10 GC guys hooking up every 5 minutes with HUGE 15lb Chromeboys! I did not want to HOG the whole river due to flyguys need at least 50ft to the left and right, and 50yd down river to be spoiled. I admit I was jelous and wondered if I should of brought my GC rig. Anyways, was wondering if there are any Quality Steelhead rivers that don't have as many GC Dudes! Just my luck that my favorite river happens to be the #1 producing Steelhead river in the State, which attracts everyone and their grandmas-buckskin-reels.

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