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My dad will no longer go up to Chopaka due to that grade. Well two days ago while fishing there I had an itch to check out a stream in the area. I drove out the other way, meaning I turned right climbing out from the lake and climbed for three additional miles. Take a left at the top, there is a fork and it takes you out to the Toats Coulee Road also. You end up going 5 extra miles but the grade is much more manageable. I was interested in seeing if it would suffice for my dad. There is one relatively nervous section but it is short in comparison without the same type cliff. One would not want to go over the road though.

Even though you do go higher on the mountain before dropping back down the, most of that elevation is gained on Toats Coulee pavement. I honestly do not know why the "other" way is not used by everyone. And it is marked with signs.

What have we all been missing here all these years. In fact the longer way in is maintained. They were grading it while we were there. Anyone at all nervous about the long grade should never go that way. I doubt if I will ever go up or down that gade again. Falling rock all over that face.

Was up for 4 nights and days at the lake with my son and we had a blast. Adult damsels and the "Ceviche emerger" with a Lafontaine variation were the ticket for us.

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