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I've been going up to Chopaka since the late 60's. I've never heard of anyone going over the cliff, and I've never seen a wrecked vehicle.

Lots of people (including me) used to lose their brakes going downhill, but you can always slow down by using low gear and "ditching" into the hillside. One experience like that & you always have your brakes checked before going up, make lots of stops to keep things cool, and go slow. I think the brakes on newer vehicles are much more reliable than 30 years ago.

Ever since they re-graded the main road in the early 90's, I've taken the short route most of the time.

One thing I always do is stop at the Loomis Store and check to see if they're logging in the area. One time I found out the trucks were using the big grade until 5PM, so I drove around the back way to avoid them.

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