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yeah, i had some pretty good fishing there just over a week ago. there were a few hatches going on, but the fish weren't rising with any sort of regularity, so i kept my flies underneath the water. there is a nice callibaetis hatch and spinner fall of the same. i mainly stuck with scuds and midge patterns. one word of advice, don't get stuck casting to the same fish over and over again, if it's not biting what you are offering, either change patterns or find a different fish. in my experience there, a fly that one fish refuses another will take. for example, i had been casting to a particular fish with the same pattern with no luck until another fish cruised by saw my pattern and came three feet out of his way to devour my fly. hope this helps. also, bring your fly tying kit, i rarely have luck with store bought flies because the fish see them all the time, making little modifications can make a huge difference. and sometimes when the little stuff doesn't work, toss out a big leech or bugger and hang on.
good luck.
steve s
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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