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My preference is found in my Temple Fork Outfitters' 6 & 8wt rods. The 6wt is a 2 piece, and the 8 wt is a 4 piece. Both are 9 foot with med/fast actions, made with IM6 blanks, and are pretty good for casting on bigger waters. On smaller water, I have wished for a smaller, shorter, and slower action rod, needing a more delicate presentation. Still, I am completely happy with these for where I prefer to fish.

By the way, I did do a comparison between my TFO 8wt and the Redington Wayfarer. I found that the TFO felt better and cast better for myself. It also came with an unconditional warranty like the Redington. Being priced substantially less than the Redington, I went with the TFO. :THUMBSUP
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