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I really like Med/Fast rods, as they are more fun to cast. Not to mention IM6 rods are pretty cheap to buy and build. I don't really need to cast beyond 60' for most of my fishing, and a shooting head can get that out to 80 or 90' so I am pretty well covered, but taking IM6 to these distances can get tiring.

The other nice thing about softer action rods is how much fun smaller fish are. I have a 7 wt that I use for lake fishing with sinking lines, and a 12" fish on that is just fine. On a fast stick, that won't be much of a fight.

But as a tool for tossing a line a country mile, you can't beat a fast action rod. So I am looking at a Sage RPLXi rod for my saltwater and big river shooting heads.

To me, the rods I buy are a function of how much money I have, and what I want out of the rod. I can't see spending more on a rod than is necessary.

One of the talents of a good fly fisher is the ability to make any rod sing, not just one rod. Learning to cast them all, from bamboo to fiberglass, to NanoTi is a real learning experience that can only improve ones abilities.

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