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Rod weight for redfish

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For those that might have fished for redfish and similar sized fish in salt marshes, what rod weight would you recommend? Seems like anything from 7 to 9 is what seems common, so maybe an 8 is a good starting point...I am normally not a fast action fan, but not sure if the XP is considered fast action by today's standard. Considering an SLT or an XP...leaning toward SLT but wondering if it can buck the wind well enough. I won't be able to cast either before buying, which is less than ideal.

For reference, the fastest action rods I own are SP's and I prefer a softer action than those, like LL's or Winston IM6 -type action...all of those rods are 3 through 6 weight.
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Where are you fishing for reds? If you are fishing for slot fish a 7 would be fine. If you are fishing in Louisiana for bull reds a 9 or 10
Both on SC coast and gulf in Alabama.
First, I have done lots of red fishing. I agree with the previous comment. If you are fishing for smaller reds, a 7 is fine. If you are fishing the LA marshes in the fall/winter for bulls a 9 is the way to go, but an 8 is OK. I use a Sage XI3 for redfish with the Rio redfish line.
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Most Florida Redfish can be handled with a 7 or 8 weight

Spring in Louisiana a 7 or 8 weight is perfect, unless you sick a Black Drum or big Alligator Gar

Late summer and Fall in Louisiana you want the 9 weight for the Reds over 15 pounds. 9 weight helps in the wind too.

Bring two rods if you can
I used both my RPL+ 796 and St. Croix ESW 908 fishing them. One New Orleans trip pre Katrina and one at Cape Canaveral. Some of the smaller fish would be fine on a 6 weight, but since wind conditions are more often a factor, having a bit more rod helps.
I used an 8 weight loom glx and the same weight TFO ticr

As mentioned because of wind I went with 8 weight

I thought that longer leaders seem to produce more fish and I like the floating line with a clear tip

They're a really fun and challenging and sometimes frustrating fish to target

And they grill up really well too
I throw mostly small stuff (4 - 6) with x-small eyes so use a six and fight fish hard and fast. Eight weight seems to be a popular choice in this area, and floating lines since most times you are fishing pretty shallow. When I go south to Banana River/Mosquito lagoon I'll upgun to an 8 or 9 as you might run into black drum or Snook. As to action, I use TCX but I think your XP would be just fine. Regardless, if you can throw 40 feet and are reasonably accurate, you should catch plenty of fish.
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