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Rods for sale

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All rods have been used and I like them, but I'm trying to get enough jack for a new Meiser. Rod cases show a little wear from riding around, but these rods fish as new. I can email pix if you want but loading images is a pain in the arse. Shipping included for all. Paypal only, I'll eat the fee.

Go downpage for pics.

9140 Brownie G3: SOLD pending funds

Purchased from first owner in mint condition. I give it a 9/10 because the corks aren't worn, but could use a scrub. I'll throw in either a 550 or 600 beercan skagit head with it if you want. A stellar, archetypal PNW rod. This is the older G3 version with the long reel seat. Friggin' sweet.

7126 Death Star: SOLD pending funds

I got this one with plastic still on the corks, unused. Now it has a little dirt on the corks, same as 9140. This was one of my OP rods, didn't use it much.

15' 10/11 Stinger Alta 250$

I call this rod "der Schtinker". Because it likes 650 gr heads, I consider this more like an 8/9. Great stick for dog salmon, nookies, etc. Exceptional rod for fullsink scandi heads, and manages DTs and longbellies too. An 8/9 FF45 makes you feel like Thor. It is fun fun fun. And a pretty rod, too!

15' 8/9 Deer Creek 250$

This is the rod I cracked 150' with. A workhorse with lots of Spazzy mojo. Handles DTs and longbellies with ease, I prefer an 8/9 FF70 on it. Corks look about as you'd expect from a used DC, and if you want I'll freshen the corks up a bit for you with some corkdust and epoxy, but not really necessary. Cosmetic scratch on outside surface of the sliding band on reel seat. This is an ideal rod for a guy who wants to enter the long stick arena on a budget. I give it a 9 for performance but an 8.5 for appearance.
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Could you send me pics of the Sage Deathstar. Does it have the tube and sock?
[email protected]
Brownie and Death Star are gone, I'm surprised nobody's snapped up the Deer Creek!
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