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Expensive rods are nice things to look at but it doesn't mean it will work for YOU. I started off with a custom 7' back when short rods were the THING! It is a fast rod, a lot like a summer drift rod. It is a beautiful silk wrapped stick.
I have too many sticks to list but the one I am using now in most situations didn't cost an arm and a leg. Now mind you when I bought this rod I was willing to spend up to $600 for a rod. The rod I liked the feel of for my preferance was a $50 Shakespear. I have beat the heck out of it for 5 years and it just keeps on going. It is pretty low tech. A fiber glass graphite composite. I don't like fast tip rods as a rule so I can spend less money for lower tech in manufactured rods or ones I build for self. Personally I prefer fiber glass rods that are a little slow in the action. I get reasonable distance, less fragile sticks and keep more money in my pocket by looking at less ego types of rods.. My friends call me cheap! It is just my Scotch heritage. The fish don't give a rip. I was taught to cast a line with a broom stick! really! Big bucks don't make you a caster!
By the way who ever caught a fish with a cast. It is all in how well you handle the line. It doesn't take big dollars to work a line until you are really proficient. Then you learn that get it out a reasonable distance and who cares. People shake their heads at my low tech approach but I quite often catch as many fish as they do or more. Find something that feels good and you can bang off 50 or 60 feet of line. That is plenty. Most fish are caught at 45 feet or less. IT doesn't cost big money to fly fish. Actually the best results are low budget. One of my biggest pleasures in life is watching people flapping a line off a rod that cost more money than I have in all my gear combined. A line in the air catchers no fish! My point!, this isn't a path of ego unless you want it to be. Don't show me your rod, show me what you did~
PS A young dude I know and went to, for shame, WSU, e mailed me and gave me a report on some fishing, with his $55 Kunan kit he bought, his Dad bought, 12 years ao. Six trout over 16 inches and at least 10 hooked and lost. Big dollars there!
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