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A few minor changes from Michael Rogan's Irish seatrout pattern. Braided tinsel instead of flat for ease of tying; bronze mallard's a bit too dear to leave unprotected so the rib goes over top.

hook - Mustad 9672 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black/fluoro red
underbody - non-tox .015
rib - brassie wire silver
body - braided mylar tinsel silver
tail/shellback - bronze mallard
head - peacock herl

mash barb; cover front 2/3 of shank with non-tox; start thread, wrap to bend

tie in tinsel

and rib

wrap tinsel to 2/3 mark; tie off/trim

even tips on bronze mallard segment; fold in thirds (should be about 1/2 gap width)

measure (shank length past bend); tie in at 2/3 mark, trim

rib body/shellback; helicopter end, cover with thread

tie in peacock herl; twist, wrap, tie off/trim, whip finish

start red thread at bend

create thread band, whip finish, SHHAN

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