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A bit different look tied in the round; add weight (non-tox wraps, cone, bead) as desired. Tail/body construction steps stolen directly from Hans Weilenmann's version.

hook - Mustad 9671 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 red
tail - woodduck flank (mallard, bronze mallard, etc optional; thought the wooduck went better with gold body)
body/rib - tinsel gold
wing - woodduck flank
flash - Mirage Tinsel opal
collar/head - deer hair white

mash barb, start thread at 3/4 mark

strip some wooduck flank barbs, measure (gap width past bend; tie in/trim butts

tie in tinsel

wrap to bend in touching turns, holding woodduck on top of the shank

grab tag end of tinsel in hackle pliers and twist until it forms a rope

wrap the rope forward; tie off/trim thanks, Hans

prep wooduck flank; tie in by tip (run scissors blade backwards along the top side to aid in wrapping wing)

wrap wing; tie off/trim

tie in flash on either side of wing

clean, stack, measure (tips a bit past the bend) a sparse clump of deer hair; tie in on top (don't let it spin), fold back and add thread dam

clean another clump and spin the rest of the head

trim head, trim flash; nope, kinda static, not happy with that at all

blade off the head and go a different route; create a thread loop

clean, stack, measure (tips a bit past the bend) a clump of deer hair; insert it in clip, trim butts, insert in the loop, capture tips with thread, spin

stroke the fibers back and wrap; tie off/trim, whip fisnish, SHHAN

trim head/collar; a little more off the bottom, a little less off the top

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