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Ross Gunnison Reels

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I have a chance to buy a brand new G-3 but I don't know much a bout them other than they had a loyal following. I know they made a change in about 1997 but I'm not entirely sure if it was the pre or post 1997 reels that were so coveted. I recall someone saying one had the same drag as the Ari T Hart reels but then it became too expensive to pay for the name and they discontinued using that drag. Any truth to this?
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I don't know about the Ari T hart stuff but I have seven Gunnison reels, all pre-1997. They are everything they are cracked up to be. I bought my first G-2 in 1991 when it won the Kudo award for best equipment. Then I bought a G-3, etc. I watch e-Bay a lot and if I can get a deal on a pre-1994 (matt finish and no white letters) I sometimes bid on them but the secret has been out for a long time. Ross will take them back and recondition them for a small price and then you have one of the finest ever made. I'd stack it against most newer reels but most guys like the large arbor reels. I continue to fish them today, along with others too. I use a G-5, pre 97 on my Z-axis switch rod. It matches up really nicely and is salt water safe though I rinse and clean it everytime I use it. They are really nice and smooth. They changed the drag after 97 and drilled a lot more holes in the frame. I'm not real fond of the newer models. I guess being old allows some preferfence and privilege.
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I have several Gunnison reels and have been very happy with them. In fact, I am always on the look out for a deal on any others I might come across. They have been bullet-proof reels for me. Very good drag and just overall, a solid reel.

As for the change pre and post 97, it had to do with the number of pins on the back of the spool and would affect the interchangeability of the reels and spools. All of mine have been post 97 reels and spools, but a the pre 97 reels are still very good as well. There is also a difference in the finish on the reels. The pre 97's are more of a matte finish and the post are glossy.

You can't go wrong with the Gunnison. It is a workhorse and a classic.

You can't beat the Gunnison series on any level.
One of the best drag systems going with the ability
to stop a train (or a 15 pound chum). I'm always
looking for another G3 post 98.
The earlier ones had six large port holes in the frame [vs many small ones on the post versions] and a matt finish as mentioned by others. They are also lighter than post 98 models.

I've had both, very nice, functional and gaining collectible status.
I am a Gunnison shop as well. Pre or Post, I am also one of those guys looking to purchase them - even though I don't need more. I now have backups to my backups as well as setting up 4-5 other rods with backups and backups again.
I think it is a cult thing, I can't get enough of the Gunnisons.

Excellent reels in my opinion.

Me too
I too am a Gunny fan. The G-2 was my first "modern" reel (IMO). I've caught my largest trout on it. I have 3 in different sizes and in my opinion they are all a trout reel needs to be. Are there better reels on the market? Perhaps. However for the money, they're as good as it gets. I wouldn't doubt if that reel helped teach more people to flyfish than any other based on the wide use many professionals outfitted their clients with.
Newer isn't always better and if you're fishing a Gunny you know why.
I have the G-4 post 98 and have never had any issues with it. Great reel which has never failed me.
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