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We awoke to a cold & snowy morning, so I decided on an appropriate dish for an alpine environment; Rosti!! I'm sharing the recipe since it's easy to make, and wouldn't be a challenge in a camp, either.
Grate a medium `tater (I use a grater with large holes, but you could also go for the freeze-dried boxed shredded potatoes if you're concerned about weight.), and fry the grating up in a hot skillet. I cook in lard when needed, which does alter the taste a little from olive oil. Form a "pancake" of the grated potatoes, and once cooked on one side, flip and add green onions and parsley to the cooked part. I use a separate skillet for the rustic bacon called ******* Cottage Bacon, but Canadian will work too; i just don't like the shape on this dish. In that separate skillet I fry up a sunny side up egg, and you can see the results. I add some salt, pepper, and garlic powder to the potatoes when I slide them onto the plate, then add the bacon and egg.

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Looks good! I make similar using a variety of meats - chunks of chicken-fried steak, or ham, bacon, or sausage. I serve it smothered with white sausage gravy & drop 2 sunny-side-up eggs on top. I'll have to look for the bacon you used.

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You ever make this again? I've made it on several occasions with short ribs and/or ox tails for the meat Great stuff! :)

Alex's Hungarian Goulash:

2lbs stew meat, diced smaller
2 pounds of Russian Banana finger potatoes
one red bell pepper, diced
one large yellow onion, diced
3-4 sliced carrots
about a 3rd of a cup pearl barley
pound of small mushrooms
fresh garlic-mashed or shredded-to taste
a can of beef broth
Hungarian paprika
sour cream

Sautee the stew meat and onions with a little olive oil, throw in the beef broth and the rest of the ingredients except the sour cream, and let simmer for awhile, add about half a bottle of decent IPA, and a good shot of bourbon, and simmer a little more. Adjust the salt level.

When the pearl barley's soft, add the sour cream and the paprika, give it a good stir, and voila!

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For the day after ...... a cleansing of sorts ;)
Sauté in garlic, garlic oil and a couple pinches of red pepper flake
Red onion
Green bean
Seeet Pea pods
Pinch of oregano- basil- fennel half way through the sauté.

Add spinach leaf, baby tomatos, And some more garlic oil but I use a garlic vinaigrette, and let steep a minute semi covered. Add some black pepper and a bit more seasoning if you like. Stir and serve. Hot salad.

Get your daily allowance of veggies in this !!

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This is very weird!

I'd not heard of rosti until reading this post a couple of days ago. It does sound intriguing!

Night before last I was reading a book on my Kindle about a UK guy who was trekking in Nepal. He and his guide were on their way to Everest Base Camp when they stopped in a very rustic lodge in one of the villages on the route.

What did he find on the menu and ordered???

Rosti! (although sans bacon!)

I'm thinking I have to try this! :)
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