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Please read this letter from Jerry McBride, Inland Flyfishers of Spokane;

The office of the Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has proposed that rotenone no longer be used as a fish toxicant in Washington state lakes. Reportedly for two reasons:

1. There are concerns about the results of a neurological study on the effect of rotenone on rats. Animals injected with rotenone solutions developed Parkinson disease-like symptoms.
2. The Washington State Office of Financial Management eliminated the funds in the WDFW budget for treating lakes with rotenone.

Rotenone has been in use in Europe, North America, South America and elsewhere. While there have been no definitive studies, people who work with rotenone have no correlation with Parkinson's disease.

Until there is more definitive information, the judicious use of rotenone should continue.

You need to tell the legislators from your district that treating lakes with rotenone is very important and must be left in the budget for the WDFW. Write personal letters to each of your legislators telling them how important it is to keep the rotenone lake treatment program in the WDFW budget. Also, you can call your legislators or send them an e-mail message.

End of letter.

My note; The reason we enjoy good trout fishing in eastern Washington is directly linked with the ability of the fish managers to be able to poison lakes with undesirable fish. Lenice lake is a case in point. It was rotenoned last year and has provided excellent fishing this year.
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