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Font Cable Wire Electric blue Circle

Bought to use on a rod I no longer have.

$50 for EVERYTHING! Line, four tips, wallet.
Add $6 to cover shipping and PayPal fees to the lower 48.

Spey Skagit Deluxe

Long-Casting Head with Interchangeable Tips

  • Great for many situations, but excels when tight surroundings prevent big back loops
  • Ideal for fishing with fast-sinking tips and big flies
  • Easy to cast short, medium, and long distances
  • Handles a variety of floating and sinking tips
  • Welded Xtra-Strength Streamlined Loopsslick and strong for easy connections and seamless fishing (front and rear on heads, rear on tips)
Taper characteristics:
  • Short headwith a powerful front taperhandles dense, heavy tips very well
  • Heads are individually tailored to line size
  • Compact head casts quickly with little backcast room
  • 8 weight/550 Grain
  • Tip Lengths/Sink Rates
    • 15' AST-formulated floating tip (Salmon)

    • 15' Type I tip (1.5-2 ipsClear)

    • 15' Type III Wet Tip? (3-5 ipsDark Green)

    • 15' Type VI Wet Tip? (6-8 ipsDark Gray)
  • Heavy braided multifilament nylon
  • Head and floating tip: 3M PVC integrated with AST, specially formulated for high floatation
  • Sinking tips: Advanced 3M Mastery Series sinking-line coating technology
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