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Sage 476sfl Fiberglass

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Anyone have any experience with a 1983 vintage Sage fiberglass rod, in particular the smallest version 476SFL? My first fly rod was a Cortland 8-1/2' fiberglass that I'd describe as an overgrown buggy whip. My second rod was a Lamiglas S-Glass 7-1/2' 5 weight rod that was nice but a bit slow. I got to cast a Steffen at our Glass & Grass get together summer of 2015 and it was shockingly nice, far lighter and faster than I'd ever imagined for a fiberglass rod. Sage was always known for high quality rods on the faster side. What were their fiberglass rods like?
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No replies eh Ron? Can't say I've ever seen or handled one....going glass now? I got several.... Lue and I are doing a 5' bamboo build shoot out now, care to join?
No replies eh Ron? Can't say I've ever seen or handled one....going glass now? I got several.... Lue and I are doing a 5' bamboo build shoot out now, care to join?
I was genuinely surprised by the Steffen I cast. I'm a sucker for old Sage rods, and to run across a rare 7-1/2' 4/5 wt blank was just too cool to pass up. 5' bamboo build shoot out? Would a 6 or 7' banty be allowed into the contest? Got two of those...
The 6' could maybe squeak by....I wouldn't consider a 7' as a banty for this challenge. We started out at 4'+ but not practical for our style of fishing. (No small creeks with tons of bushes, just mainly lakes) I have a bunch under 7' and are fun to cast/fish. I also made a couple of Shoffs Lamiglass seconds one piece 6'8" 5wts. Sure nice not fartin around with ferrules!
I have no experience with the 476SLF, but I do have a custom built 580SLF. It's surprisingly light and fast for fibreglass. It's extremely pleasant to cast and fish! Although it's a slower action than today's graphite rods, it has lots of strength, especially in the lower section. I've never caught any big fish with it, but I have confidence that it could handle a pretty good battle.
If you are able to purchase a 476SLF, I would jump at the chance.
Thanks Birdbrain, I did run across a B476SLB blank and jumped right on it. It should arrive later this week! Thank you for the confirmation. Did you build yours out or buy it already custom built? I'm excited to plan out the wraps colors and components. I'll try to keep it generally within the "Sage" look but with a little more nickel silver and a fancier wood insert.
I asked Sage for any info on their old SLF fiberglass rods. They said specs were pretty much written on scraps of paper back then, but they did send a portion of their old catalogue for anyone interested.


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Well, the rod is built and I really like it, but I've decided to buy a fancy Thramer CTS, so its now posted for sale in the Classifieds.
Is it a Grainger CTS?

It's an 8-1/2' hollowbuilt Gillam. I'm imagining a 6/7 cannon that can battle the wind on the yakima but not feel like a wrist breaker. Hope it feels that way. It's a beauty online.
As usual, Ron made a great choice.

For a couple years, rods I made based on the Gillum 8' 6" taper were my favorites for beach fishing for salmon and sea-runs. Great for casting into the wind and handling big fish, yet not overly heavy. The guys in Oregon like them for the Deschutes, and for steelhead fishing.

AJ's rods are great, especially the Classic Taper Series (CTS).

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