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Sage 7-1/2' Fiberglass 4 Weight Rod B Sfl476

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This rod blank was stored in a closet for over 30 years. Sage built these in 1981 and 1982. It is Sage through and through, but fiberglass too. Very cool. I went all-out on the custom build using a Bellinger Dickerson style reproduction uplocking seat with upgraded varnished Circassian Walnut insert, an agate nickel silver stripping guide and a rope ring hook keeper. This rod is better than new. And its never been fished. Comes with new aluminum tube and a sock.
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I'm going to kick myself for letting it go, but I committed to purchase a high-end bamboo rod and need the funds. I'm trying to get the cost of the components back and am asking $375 shipped or will sell for $350 locally in Bothell. Thanks for looking. Ron
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Do you recall butt diameter of that glass rod blank when building it? I am having trouble finding a reel seat wood insert having a .50o inside tube diameter.
I asked Bellinger to drill that size bore when I ordered the seat. Turned out perfect.
If anyone local wants this rod don't hesitate, I've got a dealer from the Catskills contacting his customer about buying it.
Nice rod, did you lawn cast it?
Yes. I tried a 4 and a 5 and it was fine with either although I could cast about 5' further with the 5, to about 65'. Quick, but still has a nice feel.
That's a good looking rod built wish I had the funds tax time:( have to save money
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