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I have just aquired a sage 8126-3 european style. Is is a #8, although I hear that it cast better with a #9.

I intend to use it for danish salmon fishing. Streams here are approx. 15-30 yards wide and wading is not permitted.

I am using the underhand (scandinavian style) cast.

It would be great if any of you who has tried this rod, could recommend a shooting head for it.


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The perfect scandi head for that rod is a 10/11 Vision Ace custom cut to 32' at 472 grains. Deschutes Angler will do all the chopping and mail it to you. It is a killer setup with 14'-15' sinking polyleaders.

If your interested in a Rio Windcutter, the 8/9/10 versitip line loads the rod great.

For skagit, 540-585 is nice.

I had the rod loved it, and sold it.......I think I may regret that move this fall.
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