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You'll probably get all-fired up about this response to your post, but here it goes . . .

Sage won't say it, but seven times in one month surely points to operator error. Sure, a person can say "hey it broke at the ferrule, so it has to be a structural problem". If a person forgets to periodically check/tighten the ferrules, and if the ferrules are just even a wee bit loose when a person is stressing the rod with a big fish (which I assume you're catching), the rod will break at that ferrule.

If the ferrule is loose, the stress is not distributed all along the contact point, like it would if it were tight. Instead, when the rod is bent, the tip of the internal portion of the ferrule is the contact point, and all the stress will be concentrated at that point.

Of course, I'm sure you check your ferrules all the time, and of course you keep them waxed so they fit tightly. But, from what you described, it doesn't sound like it's probably a gear problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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