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Yeah, I had a similar experience with Sage. Not being able to afford a factory built Sage, I built my own. A 5 piece, 4wt. SP model. The process took a long time, was very tedious, but I was thrilled with my accomplishment. Took it to Hosmer Lake in Oregon. Bragged to my fishing buddy who was along with me about what a wonderful job I had done building this spiffy rod. Was out there in the canoe putting it together, first the reel on the butt end, then putting the sections together pushing the butt end away from me as I assembled each section. Rod together, I picked it up by the tip end. The rod bent and one of the sections broke! I was both pissed and extremely embarrassed. My buddy got a real charge out of it. Had to go home without fishing. No rod.

So I went to Sage. They didn't question me or laugh at me. They empathized with my situation, even though they knew I deserved what I got for my careless handling of the rod. They just went in the back and gave me a replacement section. Of course, I had to wrap the eyes on, etc., but now it's fine. I've caught many fish on the rod since then, and everyone's a thrill because I built the rod. Found out later that technically they didn't have to replace the section because they didn't build it. Nice guys, kudos to them.

By the way, I live in Poulsbo if anybody else on this side of the pond ever wants to go fishing.

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