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I have to say that the Sage people have been great to me too. When I lived in New England they were great, and they are great here. Guiding, and on my own, I have seen allot of the XP rods used on a wide range of fish- none of them broke. I might be wrong, but it sounds like operator error most of the time.Rods dont break, they get broken. Frequently by the person who has his hand, or car door, on the rod at the time. An old time rodmaker friend back east,Ted Simroe, who developed allot of the modern tapers for graphite rods used today, told me that most of the big rod makers tips are too small in diameter and that they do sacrifice strength for performance.Yes, the fiberglass rod will last forever, it just won't cast as sweetly or as well and you'll have to work harder too.In all fairness to the XP user's problems stated above, it sounds like Sage is trying to correct the defect and make good on the warranty too.I put my money on Sage. I used to think I could buy cheap stuff and get by with it. And so that's all I ever did- just got by. I work too hard for my money to buy cheap stuff. I pay more for the performance and I appreciate it. The price also reflects the warranty. Next time you pay too much for a car, see if they replace it when you break it beyond repair. In the long run it's a small price to pay.
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