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Sage, Diamondback and Sage rods FS

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5wt Sage DSII 8'6" 2 piece ... lawn cast a few times minty with tube $75

5wt Diamondback VSR 905 DGS800 9' 2 piece...used at the local pond for bass fishing...light soiling on cork otherwise excellent with tube $75

4wt Sage Fli 7'6" 2 piece.....sweet little rod excellent condition with tube $100SPF

price includes shipping in conus.....postal money order please
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Feel free to make an offer
Diamondback SPF to Salmotrutta77
Someone take the Sage Fli.....cool rod can handle a lot of diff situations
All 3 still available w good prices!
If the deal falls through on the 4wt FLI, I have money in hand and will but it now
Diamondback and DSII still available.
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