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Sage, Scott & Ross

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Up for sale:

Ross Evolution #2 - Blue color. Brand new, lawn cast only. Includes original box, neoprene pouch and warranty card. $225 shipped. Brand new WF6F S.A. Sharkskin fly line added for $50 more.

Sage #3100 reel. Silver color. Excellent condition, no major scratches or dings. Includes original neoprene pouch and WF1F Airflow fly line, also in excellent condition. $125 shipped.

Sage FLI: 7'6"/#5/4 pc. Brand new, lawn cast only. Includes original tube and blank warranty card. SOLD

Scott Fiber-Touch: 5'6"/#2/3 pc. Immaculent condition. Includes original Scott tube and sock. Upgraded reel seat from a slide band cork to a Bellinger, nickel/silver down locking with wood insert. SOLD

Cont. US shipping only. Prefer U.S. Postal money Order. Pay-Pal OK if you don't want to send a M.O.
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PM sent.
I'll take the short Scott rod. You have an email from me. Thanks
pm sent. dibs on the scott if Lugan doesn't want it.
Scott FiberTouch - SOLD.
Sage FLI is sold.

Someone please buy these 2 remaining reels from me so I can get my wife those new pair of boots she wants for Christmas!
Last bump. Going to Flea-Bay.
Sage 3100 - SOLD.

Ross Evolution still available.
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