I have a NEW shape, no minor or even micro scratches. It has not been registered. I never fished it, cast it a few times. I fish Winston rods, on their Pro program, so I never used this rod. I got it last year before I got on the program. I cast the RIO Gold Elite, like it, but rod feels slightly sluggish and not as lively as I wanted. Tried the RIO Technical Trout and wow, this rod really sings. It would be also awesome, I believe, with the SA Trout or Infinity. The Technical Trout line has a long head so it mends great, but also a fairly long gradual front taper so for a 5weight you get awesome presentation. The setup will excel with very long leaders, longer than 12feet for example. This is not an optimum setup for nymphing double tungsten beadhead stonefly with a dropper, but can easily throw a hopper and do light to moderate nymphing. This rod, IMHO, falls between Winston Pure and Air2 (I have both of those rods) and it is NOT a dry fly only oriented rod. You can't find a bad review of this rod, and I think the brown retro (gen IIIe early sage color) is beautiful. Your welcome to pickup in Maupin OR, cash preferred, Paypal with fees ok. Shipping charge will be $20dollars, and will include insurance, but need to do Paypal.