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Salmon Idaho area

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Looking at some retirement, part-time property to spend May-September in about 3 years. Appears to be a nice area and was wondering if anyone can give me the pro/con of the area. Fishing & rafting a must, others of lesser importance.
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Robert- I was just in the town of Salmon yesterday after a 5 day float on the MF Salmon. According to the locals, the main stem is good for Salmon and Steelhead but not that great for resident trout. As we drove from the confluence near Shoup toward Salmon there were many nice sized feeder streams which may or may not fish well. The MF Salmon fishes great, but access is limited to some backcountry airstrips or a long hike. Pros - 55 minutes to Boise on Salmon Air of McCall Air for about $200. Close to MT so you can avoid sales taxes. Cons - may have to go to Boise or ID Falls for many services and if you don't want to fly, it's a long drive.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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