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Salmon Idaho area

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Looking at some retirement, part-time property to spend May-September in about 3 years. Appears to be a nice area and was wondering if anyone can give me the pro/con of the area. Fishing & rafting a must, others of lesser importance.
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Salmon the town has Salmon the river, of course; but in our time it may not be a great steelhead/salmon stream any more. You could raft from there downstream, across Idaho. But then how do you get your gear back home? (Hint: the Salmon is "the River of No Return"). There are many mountain lakes and streams nearby - but if you're retiring, how much mountain hiking do you feel like doing, and for how long?

I'd look across the state and north, to Lewiston, or nearby towns along the Snake and Clearwater, and the Grand Ronde. A lot more good stream fishing.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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