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Salmon Idaho area

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Looking at some retirement, part-time property to spend May-September in about 3 years. Appears to be a nice area and was wondering if anyone can give me the pro/con of the area. Fishing & rafting a must, others of lesser importance.
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Yes, I notice it's not too far from Dillon. There's a small ski area as well if I was there in season. What are property and state income taxes like in ID?
Thanks for the info. Not so interested in Steelhead or Salmon, I get my fix on the NorCal streams October-March for them. I'm more interested in trout and a place to get out of the Central California heat May-September. 8 months a year is nice here, summer is Africa hot. Looks like it's gotta have some good trout fishing nearby, Frank Curch Wilderness, Middle Fork Salmon, and it's a lot closer to Dillon & Twin Bridges than I am now.
Don't come to Dillon as you probably wouldn't like it. The only lakes near Dillon are the Reservoir's and they are to big for a float tube. And about the only other lakes are the ones that sit at 8500'. And they are iced up until July.
I was waiting for you to jump in; locked the door behind you? I've heard the stream fishing there sucks as well.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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