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Here is a question for you fisher(people) out there in the electronic swirl.
Washington state is debating to use salt on the roadways or not during the winter months. I am against it for a few reasons and I'll list them here. (I'm using personal experience from Alaska and Yooper area of Michigan)
1. Salt leaches into the local ponds and lakes near the roadway. Over time the salinity of these water areas goes up.
2. Here I don't have any proof but during the winter as salt goes into river systems "could the salt hurt the eggs and alvin" that are in that system?
3. Salt will eventually kill the trees nearest the roadway due to poisoning.
4. Salt attracts deer, elk, moose to roadway...thus an increased traffic hazard.
5. Salt destroys cars(I noticed that the State of Washington's spokesperson on this issue stated that cars today are made mostly of plastic.).
If you guys feel that this issue is totally wrong for this site tell me and the moderator and pull this thread. I don't want to make enemies with people I haven't met yet.
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I vote no on salt....I was raised in CT where salted roads are a common practice...The stuff is toxic to cars and It just can't be good for the environment. And it doesn't really help with traction...Studs are better...as is front wheel or 4 wheel drive.
Reminds me of the fable about the king who wants to carpet the world so his feet won't get cold and dirty...his servant suggests he simply wear shoes and save himself all the time and effort.

Just say no to salt!:thumb
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You've got to be kidding! They are actually discussing using salt in the winter? I thought since it was not used here, this state was smarter than most.

No salt, no way. Just to discuss it shows that there are boneheads in the legislature.
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