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Here is something you probably won't see on this page again. 32 saltwater flies that were personally tied by Dave Hughes. Included is an autographed copy of Matching Mayflies, 2 Deschutes River Alliance stickers, a pin, and a beer/soda sleeve. All flies are brand new and have not been fished. The book has a very small indent on the cover (not a scratch). I have two flies with one eye each and one spare eyeball. Not sure how that is, but this is exactly how I received everything when it was shipped to me.

To make a long story short, I purchased a bunch of stuff in a Deschutes River Alliance auction last year. Somehow one of my items went missing and this was the consolation prize that was offered to me. It didn't seem right to tell them that I'd just take a refund, so I decided to just accept this instead. I have no need or desire in keeping these for myself, so I am offering it up here. I'd prefer to sell locally, but I would ship for exact cost.

$165 Puyallup or $165 plus exact shipping cost.


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