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Well, I've been hitting a local beach hard for a week (combined days) with the kids and spinning rod, since my 5wt was in for repair and my new Sage99 6wt wasn't in yet. Well, finally my 99 came in the mail earlier this week, so the first day I took it out just to cast (with a fly on the end of the line of course.. ;) ;)

2nd day nothing, today I decided to go out again, around 6:30pm ish, rainy, and not too cold, just right for me. I just wanted to fish the rod, I figured the fish there were a little on the small side for a 6wt but I just want to be out there.

I get to the beach and realize I have no leader... :( Lucky me I have 3 spools of tippet on my lanyard so I make my own make shift short leader going from 2x to 4x. I tie on one of the flies I tied years back don;t even really know what it's called. Silver body, with orange and yellow deer hair streamer style.

Spent time casting and playing and just studying the fly movement etc and etc and while doing that caught two dinker Sea Run Cutty's - so my skunk is officially off! Yeah baby! :beer1:

Now I just need to learn how to cast farther so I can hang with the big boys at PNP. I suck at distance casting.
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