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(also posted at the end of the initial thread)

Ok! Let's do it. Here are the participants I got from the responses - if I missed anyone please speak up.

1. Surf Candy - Surf candy sand lance
2. Fly15 - ?
3. Alldayeveryday - silver streaker
4. 0_clarki - SRC or chum fly
5. fish-recycler - clouser
6. rockfish - epoxy krill
7. ray healers - yak hair (assuming a baitfish pattern)
8. flybill - SRC fly
9. billylee - generic fry or rabbit muddler
10. MacRowdy - Micky-Finn rainbow shiner
11. Tom B - ?
12. Derek - ?
13. Speyman - candlefish charlie.

So, each of us ties 12 flies. Mail them to me for distribution to the others - include your mailing address and $1 for postage if you can.

Jim Williamson
c/o Mahlum Architects
71 Columbia Street suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104

Flies due to me June 26. I'll turn them around ASAP.

Thanks all!

Jim W

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I thought the same thing as last night! - they sure look pretty all in a pile. But it was more production than I like to do typcially. 2 nights full (1 night of epoxy'ing)

I'm sure you won't be the first to be behind with summer etc - so I would not worry.

I do the same as you - I will do a pattern but vary the colors so I might end up with 12 flies in the end, but no more than 3 of each color, size etc.

I love a stuffed fly box and I carry flies I will probably never use, but they are known to be successful. It's the boy scout in me coming out...worst thing is to be fishing and not have the right fly.

Look forward to your flies!

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I'm not planning to mail them out until Monday or Tues (latest) due the the long weekend - so if you want to get them to me in the mail Saturday I'll be able to include them - if not no worries - just let mw know if I should expect them. If not I'll sprinkle the extras around....flies are awesome guys! Thanks

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