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San Pedro Belize

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Well I'm hard at the vise tying for my Belize trip in April. We are going to San Pedro. First time fishing for bones, permit and tarpon. If anyone has some information they would like to share it would be greatly apprecaited.

I'm tying bonefish bitters, spawning shrimp, charlies, gotcha tarpon bunny and crabs.

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I've never been to Belize, but what your tying sounds right.
Do you have a guide yet? If so call and ask what colors are working.

I was there last May and all I really used for the bones were Gotchas. The Bones weren't picky...if you put it in front of their face they were going to eat it. We didn't get any shots at Permit or Tarpon but the bones were everywhere. I'll be heading back again in May. You're going to have a blast!

P.S. Contact JMills on this board.....he has a lot of experience with the San Pedro area.
The bones there are a willing participant.....that is for sure. The deal with San Pedro is that its all weather dependent and where the wind blows will determine where you can fish.

Spawning shrimp in 6-8 sizes worked great last year, but dont forget to tie a bit in some 4's as well, the Permit like those too

This shrimp worked on both bones and permit

Hot butt gotchas in both pink and orange legs also caught a lot of fish

For Tarpon, Yellow and red work well, blue and green for the schools of Jacks that roll around down there

PM me for further info or if you need the contact info of the best guides in San Pedro:thumb:
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Thanks for the information. I will be in contact Millsy.

Hey buddy,

I took the wifey to Ambergris for the honeymoon and since I work for a sportsman travel company they hooked me up and we fished a few days while there. We were there Nov. 16-21 2009. Yes all the gotchas, and bitters and all work but these bonefish see alot of flies. Just from the clients our competitors send they have seen everything not to mention the people that DIY fish. I fished with a guy we regularly use out of Ambergris and he is only $225 for a full day and fishes all around Caulker and Crab Keys etc... The fly and I mean THE fly was a yellow Charlie with pearl flash. That is Yellow as in crayon yellow not the super bright stuff but just claves tail yellow with clear rib and a little flash. size 6 and 8. I was hooking up on property at Victoria House(where we stayed) when the pinks, tans, whites were not even getting a look.

Also, get a beach cruiser bike and head south of san pedro on the beach and look for bones tailing. My wife and I grabbed bikes, made a cocktail and cruised the beach and spotted and hooked up with fish.

Tarpon liked the Black Death from Umpqua.

If you need anything else. do not hesitate to PM me.
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