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Sand lance starting to get chased!

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In the last couple of weeks sand lance(approx. 2 1/2") have been seen getting chased by sea-run cuthroat and the occassional adult coho. Yesterday the fishing was pretty good as some nice sized sea-run cutthroat(15-17") and numerous smaller one were landed on a top water sand lance pattern. A 2-3 lb. coho that had dinner written all over it came unbuttoned near the boat.

Until a couple of weeks ago there were a lot of small sea-run cutthroat(8-10") at many locations. The larger sea-run cutthroat seem to be spreading out so it is a matter of fishing quite a few locations to find where they might be hanging out.

If you find a location where sand lance are present, the top water sand lance action can be good and is just starting to heat up. The fish are getting more aggressive as they are beginning to key into sand lance as a food source.

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More good news! Thanks Roger
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