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The Satsop Stone as included in my book "Tomorrow's Fish", was originally tied to match the Golden Stone hatch on the Satsop River in the early 90's. It has since has proven itself coast-to-coast wherever Golden Stones or October Caddis hatches are found. The pattern always lands on its feet, fishes well as an attractor and is an excellent surface fly with a dropper.

Satsop Stone Recipe
Hook: #8 2XL Dry Fly
Thread: Rusty Brown 6/0 Uni-thread
Tail: Natural elk hair
Abdomen: Cinnamon Hareline dubbing
Rib: Greenwell / Furnace Saddle hackle (clipped to black center)
Wing: Natural elk hair
Thorax: Cinnamon Hareline dubbing
Hackle: Greenwell / Furnace (1x Larger)
Antennae: Greenwell / Furnace hackle quills

For a full tying video, click on the link below:


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When many more of our westside rivers used to be open in April and May, you'd see a lot of stonefly shucks on the rocks.
With most of the rivers now closed during those months, it is a hatch that doesn't get fished much anymore.
Some of the hatches were pretty prolific, yet people continue to insist that our rivers are sterile.

Very nice looking pattern. Thanks for sharing.
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