Items For Trade:

My friend and I have tickets for mentioned Sat concert. We may not need it...
Great central stage seats at level 2 Section 25 (single) or 26 (two).(Paid 500 for single one :-(
( Check current price online if available; note- not listed by Ticketmaster and other scumbags huge fees ant checkout)
If you want or need for your safety, meet me in person Friday late or Saturday before concert to pay and transfer via email from Ticketmaster.

Concert is this Saturday, Feb 25 2023 at the Moda center 7.30 PM.
Your chance to see legendary Boss, maybe last tour?

Considering nice stuff plus minus cash; some Winston, Scott, some Loomis, Abel, Islander LX, Tibor, CFOs, Winsotn Perfect Hardy Green (good luck to myself:), mayby some BVK even and such..
Reasonable offers will be seriously considered

I hope my add is appropriate and qualifies here. If not, admin, please remove.

Thank you