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By morning, the rivers were back on the rise again thanks to a wet night in the hills. Upon arrival visability was approxamately 18"-24", nice Emerald Green water, other than being colored up a bit from the Whitechuck's trademark Grey Clay after a good rain.

As we headded down the trail to the river, I realized that I was finding the hole for the first time without a foot of snow on the ground. After reaching the river and tying up, we made our way down the run one cast at a time. The fun started with troutpocket bringing a nice fat Dolly to hand that was in the 18"-20" range, nice fish. Rains continued to raise the river and affect visability, a couple more passes to no avail. The positive thing here is unseen, it's a Sunday morning and we have not seen a single person on the river yet, this is why I live here.

We hit the trail and headed for the lower river, there were a couple of good spots below we wanted to ckeck. It seemed that the closer we got to the Skagit, the more bodies we saw on the water, it seemed as though the solitude was over.

After a bit of exploring, we settled on fishing the drift at the Whites Creek access. On the way in we passed 2 cars on their way out, I'm not sure if they had fished or not, but they were smiling as we watched them pass. We continued down the road and soon the four wheel drive became a necessity, due to the wet and slimey down hill trail that we had to navigate to get down to the access point trail.

Believe it or not, we were alone again, but this time in plain view of the highway. The water was much clearer at this point and the visability jumped up towards 36"+, apearantly the Whitechuck was the only strean coloring up the river becuase it looked beautifull down here. So the water slapping began and continued for over an hour, we had fished from one end of the bar to the other, without as much as a take. It just was not the day for Steelhead, but I'm glad that troutpocket got into at least one fish, a nice one at that!
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