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the flavor of BADFISH
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COLD... Very very COLD, clear and low. I went exploring yesterday and wound up on the Sauk. there was thick ice i had to smash through that surrounded every gravel bar and slow pool I had to cross to get to the faster ice free water.
I could get about five swings in before it was time to pick the ice out of my guides, and try to warm up.
I did run into a good number of dollys, most of which were in the sunlit shallow tail ends of the areas I fished. they all were craving a orange and cream tube fly I had tied up a few weeks ago. Most of them were all pretty meek on the take and fight, except the guy in the pick below, he had me thinking "STEELHEAD!?!" for a few seconds, he was easily the feistiest dolly I have ever played with.
All in all a great day to be out on the water if you can stand the cold.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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