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UPDATE: I've sold the frame and the oars. The boat is now listed at $900 with all of the original accessories. Thanks!

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With two kids and limited time and space, I've decided to part with this boat. Truth be told, I just bought a 13' NRS raft that will accommodate the fam and I can't justify having both.

So here's the skinny...it's 4 years old. I've taken it down the Snoqualmie 4 times and the Sky once. It's been out on the lake another dozen or so times.

There's one spot that got nicked somewhere along the way. It didn't puncture the boat, but I talked to Scadden and they said to put seam seal on it (photo included). It's not pretty, but I have no concern of it being an issue now.

The boat comes with all of the original Scadden accessories (bags, seats, front-seat box, pump and oars). On top of that, I've included a custom frame with oarlocks and an NRS tractor seat. Also there are two brand new (used twice) Cataract Mini Mag oars as part of the package.

This is an awesome boat for one or two people. Oh and it's always been stored with air.
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