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Nice topic. I must point out one thing, all flies have scent. You are only masking one scent with another scent. Probably the most pure way to mask a scent is by the fish's own habitat. I have noticed over the years that if I catch one fish on a wet fly, I usually have a better chance of catching another. When a fish gets a fly in his mouth it changes the scent. When a fly is scrubbed into some moss on the shore line, it is well masked.

If you use a commercial scent you are breaking purist laws. If you aren't a purist and it is legal, by all means. I have never had BETTER luck by using commercial scents.

If you want the best scent, take 20 periwinkles from their cases and take them home and grind them into a juice/pulp. Then you will have the best scent ever. Especiall if you let the juice sit in the sun for 3 days. Just make sure to keep adding water to keep it from drying out.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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