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I have often thought about the smell of the fur and feathers and how they inflence fish. Have you ever noticed how much better a fly catches fish after the first fish? I call it getting the stink off when a trout slimes it. Also I will often rub my steelhead and wet flys on a slimmey river rock to get the human smell off.

Putting a scent on your fly (or any other lure, plug etc) to attract fish changes your offering to the bait catagory. The regs used to mention this. So putting Dr. Juice, Shrimp Oil, Ketchup etc on a wooley bugger and fishing it th Yakima would be againts the law.

I don't know where they would draw the line on scenting a fly . Is river slime ok but leaving a fly in my bag of cheetos for a few hour not? I think I'll stick with using river slime and eat the cheetos.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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