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Sci Angler Sharkskin Shooting line

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A short question: Any one have information,(usage) on Sci Angler Sharkskin shooting line? This due to handling, kinking, and shooting ability. Thanks.
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I had one and fished it a few times but decided to sell it. As far as shoot-ability and memory issues I think this line is great. But it's too noisy and I have girly hands so it wasn't my cup of tea.
I've used one and the amount of striping you do while spey casting it wore a hole in my finger and I have manly hands.Go for airflo ridgeline.

I tend to prefer lower diameter run lines [light rods & heads] and picked one up in .032 from Aaron. Great piece of line, shoots and handles nice but it WILL cut you. Keep some band aids handy. For preventitive use, not to stop the bleeding :)

As for the noise I don't notice it much. It depends a lot on the guides your rod has. Newer Ti and REC seem to be the singers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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