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This is my simple sculpin pattern. I like it because the red dubbing acts as the gill plate and if you're good with dubbing loops it's fast.

Material list
Size 4 barbless octopus hook for trailer
65 pound spider wire
Short hook shank
Tungsten conehead
Olive bar the rabbit strip
Olive ice dubbing
Red ice dubbing
Olive Guinea bird

Place octopus hook in vice secure thread to hook

Tie in rabbit strip on the hook

Remove octopus hook from vice put shank in vice. Then secure the thread to the shank. Tie in the trailer wire to the shank.

Make dubbing loop with olive Ice dubbing for body and red for gill plate

Tie in olive Guinea as hackle. For this fly I used 2 feathers pulling it back as I wrapped it in.

Tie in some flash whatever color you have laying around should work.
And pull rabbits trip over the top tie down with thread

Whip finish and you're done.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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